Wireways & Troughs

Wireways or troughs are manufactured with removable covers or fabricated with hinges for protecting and housing electrical cables and wires. Wireways are designed to protect the cables from weather conditions such as water, dust, dirt, moisture and oil.

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Wireways and Troughs

 How are Wireways produced?

A wireway is produced or manufactured as a metallic trough with hinged or removable covers, so that the cables contained are well-protected but still accessible. The high cost of manufacturing and installing wireways limits their use to small sections of cable management systems, while most systems primarily consist of cable trays, conduit, and other types of raceway. When connected, wireways must be reinforced using special fittings and gaskets between sections. Our wireways are custom designed and fabricated in-house and can be modified, or built to your length or requirements. This is what makes us one of the leading fabricators in the Houston and surrounding areas. View our location on Google Maps and visit us today!

WIreways Types

Troughs can be built in different lengths and you have the option to give us your specs in case we ened to match an existing configuration, color, size or NEMA rating. For example, for exposed work in dry locations. For outdoor or wet locations you would typically use a Type 3R Wireway.

If installed in inaccessible spaces, the use of wireway is permitted only for use with audio signal conductors (per NEC®† 376.10). In hazardous locations as permitted by NEC®† sections 501, 502 and 504. For extensions through walls, if the length passing through the wall is unbroken and access to conductors can be maintained from both sides.

Color Options

Safety Yellow

RAL 9003 - Signal White

RAL 7035 Textured Light Gray

RAL 5005 Signal Blue

Fire Engine Red


ASA 61 Gray

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