Protect your Catalytic Converter against theft

We proudly fabricate catalytic converter shields in-house. Protect your Prius, Toyota, Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, or any other vehicle with the most secure, easiest to install, and no-drill product out in the market. Our Catalytic Converter Shields increase protection, reduce the potential for noise, and give you the peace of mind to drive and park your vehicle again without the worry of theft.

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Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Shield

Catalytic Converter Shields

Our protective catalytic converter shields are the solution to catalytic converter thefts because they make it a lot harder for thieves to get underneath your vehicle and try to cut off your muffler. They are made of aluminum that, once installed, provides a strong barrier against catalytic converter theft by adding an additional layer of protection. Thieves, in less than three minutes, or more like 30 seconds, can and will steal your catalytic converter. The worst part is, most of them make a clean getaway. What’s unfortunate, is you the owner, get stuck with the massive repair bill.

Catalytic converters are generally pretty easy to access. It usually takes a few minutes for a thief to slide under a car, especially a truck, and simply cut it off with a hacksaw or battery-powered saw. Hybrid vehicles are particularly vulnerable because those catalytic converters utilize even more of the precious metals. Aside from typical anti-theft best practices like parking in well-lit areas and setting the car alarm to its most sensitive option, there’s not a lot most of us can do to stop catalytic converter theft.

Catalytic Converter Shield
Catalytic Converter Shield Louvers
Catalytic Converter Shield Ventilation Holes
  • Made from aluminum which is lighter than all other converter security types
  • Utilizes the factory mounting points and adds security to your vehicle.
  • Corrosion-resistant -No welding required
  • Strategically placed heat extraction holes allow for proper ventilation of the exhaust area.

Catalytic Converters

The thefts of catalytic converters continue to climb at an alarming rate, and the pandemic and its resulting economic issues have made their resale value rise even higher. Aside from comprehensive insurance coverage and setting your alarm to its most sensitive setting, is there anything we vehicle owners can do to make sure we’re not stuck with expensive repairs? Well, it depends.

We have the in-house capabilities and machines dedicated to protecting your vehicle with one of our fabricated catalytic converter shields.


Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter Shield Installation

Our catalytic converter shields come with the hardware you need to install in a matter of minutes. The photos below show actual installations that took 15 minutes to install. The hardware provided is pictured below.

Catalytic Converter Shield Installed
Catalytic Converter Shield Installed
Catalytic Converter Shield Hardware
Catalytic Converter Shield Hardware

Catalytic Converter Theft Video

Take a look at how easy a catalytic converter can be stolen in the middle of the night. It can only take a few seconds for thieves to get underneath your vehicle and steal a catalytic converter costing you money.

5 Ways to Protect Your Catalytic Converter

1) Know if you’re a target for catalytic converter theft

Call your local mechanic shop or muffler shop to check if your area has been targeted.

2) Install an anti-theft device on your catalytic converter

Cable locking devices are a cheaper way to protect your catalytic converter, rather than having it stolen. It’s a cheap investment that will save you thousands.
Here are a few of the popular devices:

  • A steel shield that fits over the catalytic converter, requiring time and extra tools to remove.
  • Cages made of rebar or other high-strength steel that’s difficult to cut.
  • Stainless steel cables welded from the catalytic converter to the car’s frame.

3) Paint your catalytic converter

It has been recommended that painting your catalytic converter with a high-temperature fluorescent orange paint on your catalytic converter and inscribing your vehicle’s VIN number on the paint’s surface has made them traceable.

4) Set an alarm or camera to catch thieves

Installing an alarm system is another good way to prevent your catalytic converter from being stolen. Some alarms are designed to be activated when your car is tilted. Installing a motion dash cam can also be used to notify you of a theft in progress and can also record the license plate of the thieves driving the car.

5) Check your car insurance

Full coverage insurance is another option that may cover stolen parts. Some insurance policies can also replace or repair your vehicle.

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